Jeffrey Epstein Associate Forced Victims To Sign NDA Documents, Victim Reveals

( On June 1st a defamation lawsuit was filed in New York against Leon Black by former model Guzel Ganieva. And the court documents make some unsettling claims.

Black is a Wall Street billionaire friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein who, even after Epstein’s arrest remained his staunch defender.

In the suit, Ganieva accuses Black of being a “sadistic” sexual predator who raped and harassed her for years, then forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In a series of tweets posted by Ganieva in March, she claimed the abuse began in 2008 when she met Black and continued until 2015. Shortly after Ganieva leveled these accusations, Black resigned his position as CEO of Apollo Global Management. Though he claimed at the time that his resignation had nothing to do with Ganieva’s startling revelation.

Black vehemently denied the Ganieva’s accusations, countering that their relationship had been a “consensual affair.”

Black also accused Ganieva of extortion, claiming that he paid made “substantial monetary payments” to Ganieva in order to spare his family any embarrassment over learning of his affair with her.

In the court filing the attorney for Ganieva describes Black’s statement as malicious – adding that Black alleging a “shake down” is “right from the playbook” wealthy and powerful men use when faced with similar accusations.

The lawsuit also alleges that Black told Ganieva that he would “put her in prison” adding that speaking out would be “suicide” for her.

The suit goes into vivid detail explaining how, on first meeting, Ganieva naively trusted Black only to find herself on the receiving end of “forced sadistic sexual acts” without her consent and despite saying no.

Countering Black’s claims of extortion, Ganieva also alleges he offered her money and financial help in exchange for sex. She claims in 2011 and 2013, Black gave her two loans totaling $480,000. But when Ganieva could not maintain the onerous monthly payments, Black offered to forgive the loan provided she sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Ganieva is asking for damages as well as a permanent restraining order against Black as well as any of his representatives.