Jeffrey Toobin Returning To TV After Major Scandal

( It is safe to say the #MeToo movement is dead – at least at CNN.

After a seven month suspension for masturbating during a Zoom meeting for New Yorker staff, Jeffrey Toobin has returned to his job as CNN legal analyst — begging the question just what does one have to do get fired from the ratings-impaired cable news network?

Toobin’s return after his fall from grace followed closely on the heels of CNN offering no sanction to Chris Cuomo for helping his governor brother discredit the women accusing him of sexual harassment.

To add insult to injury, rather than simply quietly bring Toobin back, CNN made the programming decision to give Toobin an uncomfortable and awkward one-on-one interview with CNN female anchor Alisyn Camerota.

The least they could have done was spare a woman the indignity of discussing Toobin’s public fall from grace and give the interview to a man.

Perhaps Alisyn drew the short straw.

So the poor girl had to sit there while Toobin bemoaned his “seven miserable months” trying to “be a better person.”

Toobin repeatedly thanked CNN for giving him a second chance, adding “I feel very privileged and very lucky.”

Rick Santorum, in a speech for Young Americans for Freedom, said that Americans “birthed a nation from nothing” and that while there are still native Americans in the US, “there isn’t much native American culture in American culture.”

And for that, CNN fired him – accusing him of making a “racist statement.”

[Spoiler alert: that isn’t a racist statement so much as a statement of fact.]

But Jeffrey Toobin plays the slide rule on a Zoom call with his New Yorker colleagues, and CNN welcomes him back with open arms.

What’s astonishing is Alisyn Camerota’s willingness to play along with this shameful charade. She even tweeted out the nine-minute interview to all her followers as if she was interviewing someone of character rather than a hands-on pervert who publicly humiliated himself.

Does CNN actually believe that anyone with any sense will take a single word of Toobin’s “legal analysis” seriously ever again?