Jen Psaki Refuses To Blame Cuba For Crisis In Country

( Over the weekend the people of Cuba rose up against the Communist regime that has imprisoned that tiny island for over sixty years. Waving American flags and chanting “Libertad,” the protesters stormed the streets.

But for the US State Department, this uprising against an oppressive communist regime was just folks expressing their concern about rising COVID cases and medical shortages.

As Kurt Schlichter put it in his Thursday column, “Yeah, they are ‘expressing concern’ about the flu. See, that’s what ‘libertad’ means – it’s Spanish for gesundheit.”

One could almost suspect that the Biden Administration is hesitant to condemn a communist dictatorship that imprisons and kills its own citizens.

On Monday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy tried to pin down White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the White House’s flaccid response to Cuban protests.

Psaki dodged and hemmed and hawed – doing everything possible to avoid saying the obvious: the Cuban people are rising up against their Communist masters.

Then on Tuesday Psaki shifted gears — assigning blame for the Biden White House’s failure to adequately address the current crisis in Cuba by blaming the Trump Administration.

Of course. It’s Trump’s fault.

In Wednesday’s press briefing, Doocy again attempted to get Psaki to acknowledge that Cuba’s communist dictatorship is prompting these protests. And again, Psaki wouldn’t even utter the word “communist.”

Doocy even flat-out asked if Psaki believed that people are leaving Cuba because they don’t like communism. You can’t get any clearer than that.

Instead of a simple “yes,” Psaki couched her words carefully – suggesting the White House believes people leave or protest Cuba because they’re opposed to oppression and to the “mismanagement of the government” of Cuba.

What on earth does Jen Psaki think will happen if she utters the word “communism?” She avoids it the way kids at Hogwarts avoiding saying “Voldemort.”

Even days after these protests erupted, President Biden has not made a single public statement. And in Wednesday’s press briefing Psaki said the President has no plan to give a speech or visit an area with a large Cuban-American population.

Apparently the Democrats have officially written off Florida.