Jesse Jensen Says It’s Time To FIRE Nancy Pelosi

( Former Army Ranger Jesse Jensen, who nearly defeated incumbent Washington Democrat Congresswoman Kim Schrier in 2020, is running against her again in the upcoming Midterm elections. Schrier rode into the House during the 2018 “Blue Wave” that gave the Speakership back to Nancy Pelosi after she lost it in 2010. And Jesse Jensen wants to help take the gavel away from Nancy once again in 2022.

Over the weekend, Jensen appeared on Breitbart News Saturday with host Matthew Boyle to talk about his military service and his run against Schrier to serve Washington’s 8th District.

A special forces veteran who did four tours in Afghanistan, Jensen believes his military service shows a major difference between him and his opponent. During the COVID lockdowns, Schrier refused to travel to DC – giving her proxy votes to Nancy Pelosi instead. To Jensen this was a dereliction of duty.

In 2020, Jensen came within seven thousand votes of Schrier despite being outraised five to one and outspent ten to one. “It’s gonna be different this time,” Jensen said of his 2022 rematch.

Jensen explains to Boyle that firing Pelosi will mean, among other things, Americans’ taxes won’t go up, inflation will come down, the border will be secured, and the economy will improve.

Listen to Matthew Boyle’s interview with Jesse Jensen HERE.

In a Punchbowl News survey of senior Capitol Hill aides released last week, nearly three quarters of them believe that Republicans will be taking Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s gavel away from her in 2022.

The Democrats hold the barest majority in the House – the slimmest majority in decades. In the 2022 Midterms, Republicans will only have to flip roughly five seats to take back the House and fire Pelosi as Speaker.

Traditionally, Congressional elections midway through the first term of a new President result in the president’s party losing on average about 27 seats. It happened to Obama in 2010. And it happened to Trump in 2018.

With Republicans only needing five seats to flip, things don’t look very good for Pelosi – or for President Biden who may find his radical agenda stopped dead in its tracks.