JFK Assassin Tied To CIA, Researcher Claims

(PatriotWise.com) – During a press conference last week, former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley claimed Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in a secret intelligence operation three months before he shot and killed President John F. Kennedy.

While speaking at the National Press Club, Morley accused the CIA of hiding “their sources and methods as they relate to Lee Harvey Oswald.” He claimed the CIA was hiding “smoking gun proof” of Oswald’s involvement in a CIA operation.

Morley, a prominent JFK author, said the CIA operation sought to blame Fidel Castro for an act of violence that could then be used as a pretext for launching a full-scale invasion of Cuba.

The National Press Club press conference was for the Mary Farrell Foundation, which filed a lawsuit in October seeking to compel the CIA and the FBI to release all the classified information they have on the Kennedy assassination.

Morley acknowledged that his claim was “extraordinarily serious,” saying it would have “profound implications” on the official story about JFK’s assassination. He claimed that the CIA “knew far more” about Oswald than the agency is admitting.

Throughout the Congressional and independent investigations into the Kennedy assassination, the CIA maintained that it had no involvement with Oswald, a Marine veteran who once defected to the USSR before returning to the US in 1963 as a Castro supporter.

However, Morley maintains that Oswald was secretly involved in CIA operations to undermine US supporters of the Castro regime in the summer of 1963.

Morley’s allegations are based on the sealed files from the late George Joannides, a CIA officer who infiltrated pro-Castro groups at the time. According to Morley, the evidence proves that then CIA director John McCone lied to the Warren Commission when he said the CIA had no information about Oswald.

The press conference was held just days before the FBI and CIA are scheduled to release the remaining classified files on the Kennedy assassination.

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