Jill Biden Mocks Husband For Not Standing Over Obama’s Paintings

Dr. Jill humiliated Joe Biden for sitting at Barack and Michelle Obama’s portrait unveiling

Reports show that President Joe and First Lady Jill Biden welcomed the Obamas for the release of their official White House portraits. The unveiling of the paintings took place in the East Room of the White House.

Dr. Jill made fun of her husband Joe for being the only one who sat during a standing ovation. ‘Honestly, everyone stood except Joe,’  Jill Biden pointed out.

Among the applause were loud moans.

Nevertheless, the audience clapped like seals when Joe Biden stepped up.

During the unveiling, Michelle Obama seemed to eclipse her husband in stature.

Former President Barack Obama complimented the artist for portraying everything he admired about Michelle. Her elegance, intellect, and “the fact that she’s fine.”

Barack Obama’s visual acuity is unknown.

Even though Biden served as Obama’s vice president for eight years and the men frequently attested to their personal relationship on Wednesday, there is evidence that they were not especially close.

Reports show that after assuming office last year, Biden confessed that he had never visited Obama’s White House “residence” or living quarters. In addition to bedrooms, the apartment contains a sitting room and a presidential office.

When Obama secured the Democratic nomination in 2008 as a freshman senator from Illinois, he chose Biden as his running mate in an apparent effort to balance the Democratic ticket with a more senior politician with decades of DC experience.

Former President Donald Trump regularly made fun of Biden’s dismal showing in the Democratic primaries in 2008, claiming that Obama snatched “1% Joe” from the trash heap.

A New York Times report showed that Obama discouraged Biden from running for president ahead of the 2020 election. “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” Obama told the New York Times in 2019.

Far-Left media reported that Obama expressed worry about Biden in private chats with others, warning one fellow Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s potential to f-k things up.”

According to reports, the former president even told another 2020 candidate that Joe Biden ‘truly doesn’t have it.’