Jim Acosta Booed At Border

(PatriotWise.com)- CNN is still trying to latch onto former President Donald Trump’s popularity by feigning outrage, and Jim Acosta is at the forefront of the network’s attempts to regain viewers.

And he’s just using old tactics.

Acosta, who would often shout at former President Donald Trump, push anti-Trump conspiracy theories, and ask unfair and pointed questions, was booed by a crowd that gathered at the southern border during the former president’s visit with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Acosta shouted to the former president asking if he will “apologize” for January 6, referring to the tragic violent riot that Democrats call an “insurrection.”

When Acosta asked the question, the crowd heard him and shouted “no!”

And this crowd wasn’t just a crowd of Trump supporters and American voters…they were Republican members of Congress and their staffers. Some of those in the crowd even started booing at Acosta, whose weekend show’s ratings have plummeted recently.

President Donald Trump appeared to have heard the pointed question, which once again attempted to wrongly paint the former president as having incited a violent insurrection. He simply turned to Acosta and gave him a thumbs-up.

That’s gotta hurt.

He didn’t get an answer, and his ratings didn’t go up.

Former President Donald Trump was visiting the border to show how the Democrats have caused tremendous problems by ending his immigration policies and stopping the construction of the wall.

Behind former President Trump, the unfinished wall can be seen, with a huge section of the border wide open, where illegal aliens can more easily pour in.

Imagine being so clueless about the problems caused by mass immigration that you can stand next to a visibly incomplete border wall, and not ask a single question about it…