Jim Acosta Gets Slammed By Mo Brooks, Denied Interview

(PatriotWise.com)- Republican Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks refused to give an interview to far-left CNN provocateur Jim Acosta on Saturday. The CNN host, who made his name shouting at President Donald Trump during press briefings and pushing the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory, approached Brooks as he was mounting his bicycle on the Capitol over the weekend.

Acosta asked Brooks if he would be willing to talk about January 6, the day when left-wing and right-wing demonstrators entered the Capitol Buildings – the so-called “insurrection.”

Brooks knew exactly how to deal with Acosta…it was mostly just a matter of calling him out for lying and refusing to answer him.

In the clip below, you’ll see Brooks refuse to answer the questions of whether Antifa was behind January 6. He said that he doesn’t trust the network to be “truthful or honest.”

Acosta wouldn’t take the hint – he never does – and kept asking him the same question. He asked if he regrets the comments he made on the day of the January 6 riots, trying to tie Brooks to the violence that occurred or paint him as a supporter of the so-called “insurrection.”

The CNN anchor tried to suggest he was just asking “fair questions,” but it’s pretty clear what he wants to do, right? By calling the January 6 riot an insurrection, and then by wrongly claiming that Brooks and former President Donald Trump incited it, Acosta and others are manufacturing a scandal.

And Brooks knew exactly what to do. He just cycled away.


“See ya,” he said.

Perhaps more politicians need to follow this strategy and just flat out ignore propagandists from far-left networks like CNN.