Joe And Jill Biden Celebrate A “Fake” Holiday Created By A Violent Predator

( – Last week, both President Biden and Vice President Harris released videos celebrating Kwanzaa, the made-up holiday concocted in 1966 by the militant Marxist and convicted felon Ron McKinley Everett (aka Maulana Karenga).

In their video, Joe and First Lady Jill Biden wished everyone a happy Kwanzaa, saying they “give thanks to the rich heritage of African Americans.”

The Bidens said they hoped in 2023 everyone would remember “the wisdom of the seven principles of Kwanzaa” that were invented out of whole cloth by a guy who was a sadistic torturer of women and whose followers killed two people in 1969.

In her own Kwanzaa message, Vice President Harris once again repeated the fiction that her family always celebrated Kwanzaa when she was growing up.

She described sitting with the other children on the floor while they lit the “candles of the kinara” which was then followed by the “elders” talking “about how Kwanzaa is a time to celebrate culture, community, and family, and they, of course, taught us about the seven principles.”

She claimed that the second principle of self-determination was always her favorite and still guides her every day as vice president.

Harris was two years old when Ronald Everett invented Kwanzaa. And the pretend “holiday” didn’t come into vogue until the 1980s. So what are the odds Kamala and her family celebrated Kwanzaa when she was growing up?

Ronald McKinley Everett, who went by the equally made-up name Maulana Karanga, was a violent Marxist who co-founded the paramilitary United Slaves, the more even radical rival to the radical Black Panthers.

In January 1969, while fighting over control of the black studies program at the University of California in Los Angeles, Ronald and his followers shot and killed two Black Panthers who confronted him at the student center.

In 1971, Everett (aka Karenga) was sent to prison for felonious assault and false imprisonment after torturing two women whom he claimed tried to kill him with “crystals” in his food.

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