Joe Biden Appears To Have Spot On Head In New Video Footage

( President Joe Biden is notorious for his gaffes and inability to maintain his composure without the use of a teleprompter, but now eagle-eyed Americans have noticed that his physical health might be just as bad as his mental health.

During a speech on Wednesday in which he pitched his so-called “American Rescue Plan” – the $2 trillion “infrastructure” deal that contains Green New Deal provisions – the president appeared to have a weird, unexplained mark on his head.

Just as the president spent eight consecutive seconds struggling to get his words out, he turned his head and exposed the weird mark.

Seriously, watch as the president looks confused and can’t think of his words, adding the odd “look” in there to make it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

Commentator Tom Elliott tagged Press Secretary Jen Psaki in a tweet asking to share insights into what happened to President Biden’s head.

In a later tweet, he speculated that it could be a matter of “old age” catching up with his “plastic surgery (facelifts) & plugs.”

Remember how the Democrats constantly slammed President Donald Trump for being a “orange” and having “weird hair”?

Funny how they don’t talk about President Joe Biden’s constantly-changing face.

President Joe Biden has long been the focus of rumors about his health, from his constant mumbling and appearing to be confused during his speeches, to the two instances this year where he fell up the stairs while boarding Air Force One.

The sudden appearance of inexplicable marks on the president’s forehead is likely to cause yet more concern about his health.

He is, after all, the oldest president in American history…