Joe Biden Collapses In Wild New Poll

( The president is sinking fast as his approval rating is collapsing in 48 states. In an incredible new survey by CIVIQs tracking job approval, Biden’s net approval rating is at negative 28. Even in dark blue states like California and New York, Biden is losing steam, according to Breitbart.

The new numbers come amid increasing gas prices, an ongoing baby formular shortage, and record inflation that has reduced spending power of the average family. The administration has given no relief to families, instead suggesting that they buy electric vehicles so they would not have to worry about rising gas prices. They also have no solution to the baby formula crisis, nor any updates regarding the matter as the press secretary unsuccessfully skirts questions from reporters.

California is at 37% approval for the president and a whopping 48% disapproval. Biden’s own home state, Delaware, has a 55% disapproval for the president. New York also has a 50% disapproval rating as the city is combatting ever increasing violent crime across the board. Biden’s disapproval has reached almost near 50 or well over 50% in all states, excluding Hawaii and Vermont.

As Biden is dealing with this, his national approval rating for how well voters think he is handling his job stands at 30% and disapproval at 58%, a record low. As Biden is struggling to complete his first term amid the various domestic crises he faces exacerbated by him being in office, only 29% of voters want him to run for reelection, according to Rasmussen reports, while 59% believe that he should not run again.

Even Democrats are jumping ship as they express doubts over the president running for reelection. CNN’s Van Jones spoke about Biden’s deteriorating health. Far left squad member AOC refused to endorse Biden, telling CNN that she would see about it when the time came. Even mainstream outlets began to doubt Biden’s mental health, saying his age might be getting in the way of his duties as the president struggles to string together sentences.

He recently toppled over during a bike ride in Delaware. Stopping to meet supporters, his caught his foot on the pedal and captured footage shows the president falling on his back and head. A day later, while taking a stroll on the beach, his granddaughter told reporters that they were doing puzzles in their free time—an exercise often done for faltering memory.