Joe Biden Explodes At Reporter In Anger

( No matter how bad the situation in Afghanistan got, President Joe Biden just didn’t want to answer questions. And even on Sunday as the U.S. military was on the verge of full withdrawal – which has now finally occurred 0 Biden flat-out refused to answer questions from reporters.

Even as the people of the United States have legitimate concerns and questions about Biden’s horrific handling of this historic military withdrawal, Biden just didn’t want to give those answers. It was during a speech at the FEMA headquarters about the impact of Hurricane Ida, right before it made landfall in Louisiana, that Biden dismissed journalists. He told them that he wasn’t supposed to take any questions, but would take one.

The reporter began, “Mr. President, on Afghanistan…” before being very quickly cut off by the president. And as he continued to cut reporter Jennifer Jacobs off, she shouted a little louder and asked, “Can you say if there’s still an acute risk at the airport, sir?”

Biden, visibly angry, shouted and said that he wouldn’t answer any Afghanistan questions now, and immediately turned his back and walked away.

America is getting used to the sight of President Biden’s back.


Since then, President Joe Biden has celebrated the full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and praised it as an “extraordinary success” – which is quite a claim.

Hundreds of American citizens remain in Afghanistan and the White House has confirmed that their only plan for getting those people out of the country safely is by relying on the Taliban to abide by the world’s “expectation” that they do the right thing.

It’s no wonder he didn’t want to answer questions…