Joe Biden Had A LIST – Disgraceful Revelation

Joe Biden Uses List Of Approved Reporters At Press Conference

( – President Biden took a pyrrhic victory lap last Wednesday to celebrate the lack of a Republican red wave in the midterm elections, calling it a “good day” for “democracy” and “a good day for America.”

While Republicans did manage to eke out a majority in the House, Biden did far better in his first midterm than any sitting president since George W. Bush, who, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks picked up 8 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate during the 2002 Midterm elections.

Traditionally, the new president’s party loses seats in the midterms. But Biden’s losses were a drop in the bucket compared to previous first-term presidents after George W. Bush. In his first midterm election, Obama lost 63 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate. In 2018, Donald Trump lost 41 seats in the House while gaining two seats in the Senate. However, Republicans had expected to win as many as six Senate seats in 2018.

In his remarks, Biden made it clear that losing the House would not affect his effort to push his radical Left agenda.

When he opened the briefing to questions, Associated Press White House correspondent Zeke Miller asked Biden if he plans to do anything differently to persuade voters to support his radical agenda.

The delusional Biden told Miller he would do nothing different, explaining that voters are “finding out what we’re doing” and the more they learn about his agenda, “the more support there is.”

Biden conceded that there were some things he would like to change and some things he would “add to.”

He boasted of signing a “rational gun policy” this year and then said he would like to add an “assault weapons” ban, telling Miller “we’re going to try like the devil” to ban “assault” weapons.

As is always the case, when Biden did finally open the floor for questions, he had his trusty list of reporters that his aides provided.

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