Joe Biden Has Spent 25% Of His Presidency… On Vacation

( President Joe Biden spends so much time away from the White House and relaxing at his family home in Delaware that it should come as no surprise that the president has now officially spent some 25% of his presidency…on vacation.

A report from The National Pulse explained how the president spent 95 of his first 348 days as president on vacation, with most of that time being spent in Delaware. That’s one-quarter of the administration’s first year.

There has been no other modern president who has spent so much time at home and away from the cameras.

For some reason, though, the media doesn’t want to talk about it. Red flags were raised only two and a half weeks after Biden was sworn into office, disappearing from public life and going back to his Delaware mansion where he spent several days enjoying some time to himself.

Then by October of last year, Biden had visited his Delaware home a massive 25 times – flying there each time he went back home. Just how big is the president’s carbon footprint?

Why can’t he relax in one of the many bedrooms in the White House?

And it’s not as though the president is only choosing to go home on rare occasions that not much is happening in the White House. Only recently, during the president’s disastrous withdrawal of military troops from Afghanistan, Joe Biden disappeared and went home as the world watched Kabul fall to the Taliban. Even White House press secretary Jen Psaki disappeared around the same time, too. Remember?

Just imagine if President Donald Trump went back to his New York City skyscraper every week during his presidency. Journalists would lose their collective minds and it would be right at the top of the Democrats’ campaign attack ideas list.

You can bet this is going to be on the top of the Republicans’ list of lines of attack…along with inflation, the border crisis, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and more.