Joe Biden Humiliated By China In Major Blow

( President Joe Biden has long been known for his lenience with China, but it seems that no matter how much he capitulates, China just won’t treat him fairly.

The Biden administration was dealt a humiliating blow by the Chinese Communist Party this month when it was revealed that United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has so far been unable to confirm a meeting with China’s top general, despite several efforts by the federal government to establish talks.

The news was revealed last Friday by U.S. defense officials, confirming that the relationship between China and the United States remains pretty strained.

Remember when President Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden’s capitulations to China won’t work?

A U.S. defense official told Reuters that the military relationship between the two countries is “strained” and that it is “hard to know how much this is reflective of that strain as much as it is just Chinese intransigence.”

The same official said that the United States still intends to have a “dialogue” with China, but that they hope to ensure there is a dialogue “at the proper level.”

The source reportedly spoke under the condition of anonymity, but this doesn’t seem like one of those “anonymous source” situations where the source happens to be a reporter with an agenda. President Biden has repeatedly warned against placing strict sanctions on China and has instead welcome cooperated and “competition” with the nation, despite the Chinese Communist Party’s refusal to play by the rules on multiple levels – ranging from trade and currency manipulation to offering transparency over the outbreak of a deadly virus from Wuhan.

Another U.S. official also reportedly told Reuters that there was debate within the Biden administration about whether Secretary Austin should speak to Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe or China’s Central Military Commission.

But so far, it looks like they have achieved neither.