Joe Biden Is Using His Administration To Throw Out Child Victims To Loan Sharks

( Reuters just reported how the Biden administration is bringing debt-tracked child workers out of poor countries and bringing them into the United States. The children are being imported into the United States by federal officials and allowed to work for low wages.

The Reuters news agency reported on the story of a 16-year-old child who was delivered to a home in Alabama by federal officials. The story reveals how Amelia Domingo, at the age of 16, went on to work in a chicken processing plant in a farm in Alabama while remaining in debt to loan sharks back in Guatemala.

“After borrowing $10,000 for smugglers to get her through Mexico, Amelia crossed into Arizona last February and turned herself over to [Customs and Border Protection] immigration officials. They led her, she said, from a crowded border facility to a shelter for unaccompanied minors. After about a month, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees shelters for migrant children, released her to a sister here in Alabama,” the report explains.

Reuters added that one day, Domingo hopes to return to her native Guatemala. However, before she goes back she intends to continue providing cheap labor to farms in the United States, sending virtually all of her money back to her parents who then pay the loan sharks. Her interest rate is a shocking 10%.

Why is the U.S. federal government aiding illegal aliens in living and working in the United States, providing cheap labor, and undercutting the wages of American workers?

And in what universe is it compassionate for the U.S. government to do this knowing that Domingo is working in the United States to pay loan sharks back home?

Reuters also revealed how child workers like Domingo – and there are many – are treated poorly by business owners here in the United States, too. The report explains how child workers in Enterprise, Alabama, report using fake credentials to give to staffing firms who then find them work at plants in the area. Sometimes, those firms will dock pay for providing services like transportation, and deny these illegal workers sick pay or medical care.

This is a human rights crisis and President Joe Biden is ignoring it.