Joe Biden Makes Return To Standup Comedy

( Joe Rogan, the world-famous podcast host who has survived several attempts by left-wing extremists to get his show booted off the Internet, has returned to stand-up comedy.

Rogan, who started off as a comedian before his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast became the most-listened-to podcast in the world, returned to the stage last week in Texas.

He used the opportunity to mock extremists who tried to get him canceled, too, directly addressing the viral video that showed him using the N-word in the past. The video used clips of him using the word, which were taken out of context and was used as a last-ditch effort to get Spotify to remove his show after the platform refused to comply with efforts to stop Rogan from interviewing medical professionals who opposed to the government’s authoritarian lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

“I haven’t used that word in years,” Rogan said during his stand-up routine. “But it’s kind of weird people will get really mad if you use that word and tweet about it on a phone that’s made by slaves.”

He’s not wrong, is he?

Rogan, who has apologized, hasn’t been kicked off of Spotify – and he’s enjoyed a huge amount of support from listeners.

In fact, the backlash against the people who tried to cancel him failed so badly that Neil Young’s music is even back on Spotify. The artist led the charge in trying to get as many artists as possible to remove their music from Spotify in protest, but those efforts ultimately fell flat.

Rogan even had the support of former President Donald Trump and Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis.

“What I would say is don’t give an inch,” DeSantis said during a recent Fox News interview.

“Do not apologize. Do not bow to the mob. Stand up and tell them to pound sand,” he said.

It looks like that’s what Rogan’s doing now.