Joe Biden Says Life Does Not Begin At Conception In Refutation Of His Catholic Faith

( So-called “deeply devout Catholic” and “Moderate Democrat” Joe Biden seems to have done an about-face on the question of when life begins.

In a 2007 interview on Meet the Press, then-Senator Joe Biden told host Tim Russert that he was “prepared to accept” the Catholic church’s view that life begins at conception.

Well, how gracious of this “devout Catholic” to be “prepareed to accept” the teachings of his church.

In 2015, then Vice President Biden, sat down for an interview with Father Matt Malone where he told him that he was “prepared to accept” that life began at conception. However, he did not think that he would be able to impose his beliefs on “God-fearing and non-God-fearing” people who might think differently.

Biden’s responses on abortion have always been mealy mouthed to say the least. “I’m prepared to accept” isn’t exactly the most heartfelt statement of conviction. But it’s understandable why Biden would couch his words in this way. For the Democrat Party, the wholesale slaughter of the unborn isn’t just a political position, it is a doctrine of faith.

Most Democrats who try to straddle the church and the party offer the same “I personally believe, but I will not impose my beliefs” positioning. At least when it comes to abortion. When it comes to their belief in science or Climate Change, Democrats never offer caveats of “I won’t impose my beliefs on others.”

Well, last week, Joe Biden’s veneer of “I personally believe” was stripped away completely.

Responding to the new pro-life heartbeat law in Texas, President Biden sang from a completely different hymnal.

This about-face should have been expected, however.

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Biden jettisoned his long-held position on the Hyde Amendment which bars the use of Federal funds for abortion.

At the end of the day, Joe Biden is a politician first and a “devout Catholic” last. He has been in Washington nearly fifty years; he knows how to play the game. As senile as Joe might be, his deeply held conviction of going with the flow has never wavered.

Twenty years ago the Democrat position on abortion was “safe, legal, and rare.” It was easy for Joe to play the “devout Catholic” who was “prepared to accept” church teaching.

Today the Democrat position on is “shout your abortion!!!!” Devout politician that he is, Joe was more than “prepared to accept” the change.