Joe Biden Says Record Heat Wave Means When Should Spend More On Climate Change

( Democrats are finally talking about Portland, Oregon, but they’re not thinking about the extreme violence the city saw through 2020 and beyond. Instead, President Joe Biden is talking about the heatwave that hit the city this week, expressing his concern on Tuesday at the record high temperatures in the city.

President Biden said that the heatwave, which saw temperatures rise to well over 100 degrees, means that the United States needs to spend more money on “natural infrastructure” to fight climate change.

The comments, which he made during a recent trip to Wisconsin, are a blatant and shameless attempt to pass off the Green New Deal as “infrastructure” – a precursor to a massive $6 trillion bill he is planning to push through Congress to be spent next year.

Infrastructure means roads and bridges. “Natural infrastructure” isn’t a thing. And Biden knows it.

Biden tried to make a climate change joke saying, “don’t worry, there’s no global warming, it doesn’t exist,” after mentioning that Portland saw 116-degree heat this week. He claimed that nobody would believe it if they turned on the news and saw the record-high temperatures…but is that really true?

Some summers are really hot. Some are cold.

The president warned that the United States should prepare for even more extreme weather, blaming climate change, and added that the country should make greater investments in a “more resistant grid.”

A more resistant grid does sound like infrastructure. Many states with high temperatures often resort to encouraging residents to use less energy in the evenings to put less pressure on the grid and minimize the chances of rolling blackouts.

So Biden maybe made a little sense there.

But we’ll have to wait and see exactly what he tries to pass off as “natural infrastructure.” We’re betting he wants to use trillions of dollars of new money – or borrowed money – on funding Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.