Joe Biden Stayed In Same Hotel As Health Minister Diagnosed With COVID

( The media is beside itself in a panic after it was discovered that Brazil’s health minister who tested positive for COVID-19, stayed in the same hotel as President Joe Biden this week.

Just hours after accompanying Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro to the UN for the General Assembly on Tuesday, fully-vaccinated Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga received a positive COVID test.

But unless Marcelo and old Joe were bunking together, what are the odds that staying in the same hotel is any cause for alarm?

Well, hang on to your hats folks. Marcelo might not have gotten in sneezing distance of Joe Biden, but he did shake hands with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And later, Boris Johnson went to DC and met with Biden in the Oval Office.

The fateful moment when the masked Queiroga shook hands with Johnson was filmed by Brazilian journalist Raquel Krähenbühl who then posted it on Twitter:

Of course Boris Johnson has already recovered from a bout of COVID, so shaking hands with Queiroga probably won’t make a bit of difference. And unless Johnson didn’t wash his hands one single time between that handshake and his later trip to the White House, what’s the big deal?

Nonetheless, the media was in a tizzy. Newsweek contacted the White House to find out if they have taken any precautions since Biden stayed at the same hotel as Queiroga.

But the true target of all this media hysteria is Brazilian President Bolsonaro. See, they hate the fact that Bolsonaro is a vocal opponent of vaccine mandates and passports.

Plus he supports what the media calls “unproven treatments” for COVID.

Unlike the media which supports the vaccine. You know, the same vaccine Marcelo Queiroga had before he contracted COVID. The same vaccine Joe Biden received before he *gasp* stayed in the same hotel as the fully-vaccinated Queiroga when he contracted COVID.

Every article about Biden staying in the same hotel as this guy includes a lengthy list of horribles committed by Bolsonaro.

He “historically” opposed lockdowns!

He “routinely” won’t wear a mask!


Of course Bolsonaro also contracted COVID and recovered, so he has natural immunity to the virus and doesn’t need to get the vaccine. But the media never like talking about natural immunity, do they?