Joe Biden To Have New Meeting With Joe Manchin

( After moderate Democratic Senator for West Virginia Joe Manchin confirmed that he will not vote for the Democrats’ extreme “Build Back Better” agenda, President Joe Biden just attempted to save face and told the press that he thinks he’ll be able to “get something done” with him.

Get something done? Unless he can scale back that multi-trillion-dollar package to something that won’t make inflation worse, it’s not going to happen.

Speaking to reporters when asked about Manchin’s staunch opposition to the legislative and spending package, Biden said that he and Manchin are “going to get something done” and that he still believes there is a “possibility of getting Build Back Better done.”

But will it be the “Build Back Better” that Biden envisioned? Maybe not. As it stands, the $1.75 trillion package contains spending initiatives for all manner of social projects and climate change initiatives, and even contains extremist legislative measures like amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. And President Joe Biden wants to force it through the Senate with a simple majority vote using the Budget Reconciliation process.

Thank goodness Manchin has opposed it this far…but maybe he could hold out for, say, another year or so? Let’s get these 2022 midterms out of the way and see what happens…