Joe Biden’s Brother Accused Of Taking Foreign Payments

( – A lawyer requesting that the documents be released under the Freedom of Information Act claims that the Department of Justice has allegedly made an effort to prevent the release of 400 pages of documents regarding Hunter and Jim Biden’s dealings with China, Russia, and Ukraine.

Kevin Evans, the lawyer suing the Department of Justice, has contended that the agency did not comply with his FOIA request, even though it had admitted in court that the documents he sought existed and is now trying to deny that fact. Mr. Evans is suing the DOJ. Evans had asked for documents that addressed “any relationship, communication, gift(s), and/or remuneration in any form” that may have existed between Biden and the countries that were previously mentioned.

According to Evans, the Department of Justice has stated that it “can neither confirm nor deny” the existence of the 400 “potentially relevant” documents identified in the past. He claims that this is true. The next hearing regarding this matter is scheduled to take place in January.

The Biden family, in particular James and Hunter, have been under investigation for a significant time for allegedly profiting off of the family name to secure lucrative deals with international organizations. The fact that the first son, Hunter, serves on the board of directors of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, despite having no prior experience in the sector, is an accomplishment worthy of special mention.

It was partly due to the publication of a story in the New York Post that included damaging information on the Biden family that was recovered from Hunter’s laptop, which he had left at the repair store, that his operations came to the attention of the general public. Even though many in the traditional media had previously referred to the story as “Russian disinformation,” it was ultimately proven true.

The effort of the first son to hire publicists and PR experts to assist him in launching a media campaign has caused some ruffled feathers in the White House. The first son attempts to respond to the mounting public scrutiny directed against him.

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