Joe Biden’s GUN DISCLOSURE Left Something Out

Biden Says He and Late Son Had A Gun, But Leaves Out Hunter’s Gun

( – While discussing gun control during a recent town hall interview with the left-leaning outlet NowThis, President Biden claimed that he owns two shotguns which he keeps locked up.

During the town hall moderated by NowThis reporter Alejandro Alba, Biden answered questions from six young activists on the issues that matter to them before the midterm elections.

One of the activists was gun control advocate Natalie Barden whose brother was killed in the Sandy Hook mass murder in 2012. Barden naturally brought up gun control.

Biden told Barden that he believes people who own any weapon should keep it locked up. He said he owns two shotguns that he hasn’t used in a long time. He said his dead son Beau used a shotgun for target practice. He told Barden that those two shotguns remain in a locked case so “nobody should be able to access them.”

That probably includes Joe Biden who likely can’t remember where he put the key.

The question is, how many shotguns does Joe Biden own?

In June, he said he owned two shotguns.

Then in July, he claimed he owned four shotguns – two he obtained on his own and two that used to belong to his dead son but now belong to him.

Now here we are just a few months later and Joe is back down to owning two shotguns.

However, according to Joe’s disgraced son Hunter, his father has five guns in the house.

In June, the Washington Examiner reported on a series of text messages between Hunter and Beau’s widow Hallie with whom Hunter was having an affair. And in one of the texts, Hunter was whining about Hallie throwing away his handgun. He points out that her late husband kept a gun in the glove compartment of his car and “there are 5 guns in dads [sic] house.”

If Joe Biden can’t even keep track of how many guns he owns, maybe he’s not the best person to tell Americans how to keep their weapons secure.

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