Joe Biden’s Latest Condition Revealed After Diagnosis

( After testing positive for COVID last Thursday, the White House announced on Wednesday that President Joe Biden received two negative COVID tests after spending five days in isolation.

To boast about his beating a bad cold, the president staged a victory lap speech in the Rose Garden Wednesday morning where he said his vanquishing COVID was a testament to the power of vaccines and therapeutics.

Biden took all the credit for his mild case of COVID, claiming his recovery is an example of his administration’s success at tackling the pandemic.

And because Joe Biden has always been a bloviating jerk, he couldn’t help but add a dig at former President Donald Trump, bragging that, unlike Trump who had to be helicoptered to the hospital when he got COVID, “I worked from upstairs.”

Of course, Biden didn’t mention that Trump contracted the initial, far more dangerous strain of the virus while Joe contracted one of the milder strains. He also failed to note that when Trump got COVID, there were no vaccines and therapeutics were not widely available.

But Biden routinely fails to contextualize things because putting things into context would make his victory lap at beating a mild case of COVID all the more pathetic.

Biden claimed that when he entered the White House thousands of Americans were dying from COVID every day. But now, thanks to him, “you can live without fear by doing what I did.”

He urged everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted, omitting the part about how he was fully vaccinated and boosted and still came down with COVID.

You can’t really blame the old guy for staging a Rose Garden ceremony for successfully surviving a bad cold.

With inflation at a 40-year high and two negative-growth quarters sinking the country into recession, Joe has to squeeze as much advantage as he can out of the stupidest things