Joe Biden’s Polling Just Cratered

( — President Joe Biden’s approval rating amongst Americans continues to shrink as it nears its lowest level since the start of his presidency. A Reuters/Ipsos poll has that number at 40 percent with the top two issues concerning most citizens being illegal immigration and inflation, which peaked last year.

Amid several reports that the economy is contracting and going to experience a recession, Americans have been dealing with higher costs of goods and interest rates, which has negatively affected their ability to afford mortgages and loans.

But most Americans were worried about immigration. 54 percent of respondents, including 77 percent of Republicans and only a fractional 34 percent of Democrats, disagreed with letting more migrants into the country. At the beginning of the year, immigrant encounters were up 80 percent from 2021, according to American Pigeon.

With Title 42 set to end, more and more migrants are flooding to the border. In January, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked Biden for not building “even one meter of wall.”

These crises come as a recent NBC poll reportedly revealed that 70 percent of Americans, including over half of Democrats, do not want Biden to run for president again. But former President Donald Trump did not do so well among respondents either. 60 percent of Americans, which included about 33 percent of Republicans, do not want Trump to run either.

Nevertheless, Biden is trailing Trump in a new poll conducted by ABC and The Washington Post. Respondents were more likely to “probably” and “definitely” vote for Trump over Biden. After Biden formally announced his candidacy for 2024, he has tried to posture his campaign as one that champions “freedom.” The move is to reportedly keep voters away from his record as president and any reservations they might have.

Trump is Biden’s toughest opponent so far as he is expected to win the Republican primary. Trump is currently leading the other Republican challengers with over half of the party’s support.

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