Joe Biden’s Power Being Reversed Before Our Eyes, Carlson Says

( Tucker Carlson, the most-watched man in cable news – not just on Fox News – has slammed President Joe Biden as a “lunatic with no self-respect” following his botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the tragic suicide bombings that resulted in more than a dozen American Marines being killed and over 60 Afghans.

During a monologue on his nightly Fox News show this week, Carlson suggested that Biden must want to “humiliate America for good” and that the president hates his own country, describing how his horrible handling of the long-awaited withdrawal from Afghanistan humiliated all parties involved.

Carlson noted that the war became a welfare program, as the United States prioritized Afghans who wanted to be evacuated over American citizens, many of whom remain stranded in Afghanistan and struggling to obtain help from the United States government.

He said that crowds of desperate people turned up to Kabul’s international airport begging to be evacuated and sent to America and that the preference given to foreign nationals made it worse. He added that people who hate America and prefer Sharia law to democracy have been imported into the United States as a result.

The Democrats probably know that to be true but there’s no way they’d admit it…

Carlson said that those people were given the “first seats on the plane” while American citizens were wished luck and left behind.

Watch here:

The Fox News anchor described how Americans are turning to the preside for perspective and leadership, but that they aren’t being reassured…because he didn’t turn up at 5 p.m. to address the nation as he promised. And when he did turn up, he said, it was “hard to believe this is the man in charge of our country.”

There are a lot of Americans thinking exactly the same thing…

He ended the segment by describing how Biden is “fading before our eyes,” describing his sleepy appearance and visible confusion when answering questions from the press.

Can any Democrat honestly say at this point that Joe Biden is a strong leader?