Joe Manchin Points To Biden’s White House Over Inflation Concerns

( Many politicians have criticized President Joe Biden, saying his lack of direct action has led to the historic inflation numbers the country is currently experiencing.
Those politicians are mostly affiliated with the GOP, though one member of Biden’s own party lashed out at him this week.
On Tuesday, moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia — who continues to prove to be a thorn in Biden’s side — criticized the White House for not acting “fast enough” to curb inflation, which set a 40-year record last month.
Manchin, who is the senator responsible for blocking the White House’s Build Back Better social spending package, said this week:
“The Federal Reserve and the administration failed to act fast enough, and today’s data is a snapshot in time of the consequences being felt across the country. The American people deserve the truth about why record inflation is happening and what must be done to control it.”
The data Manchin was referring to was info released by the Department of Labor, which said that the Consumer Price Index increased 8.5% in March year-over-year. That marks the highest such increase since 1981.
In his comments, the West Virginia senator said those numbers were a “chilling story about how these taxes on Americans are completely out of control.”
That description of inflation, as “taxes,” is an interesting yet poignant one. It’s hard to think of them as anything but. Americans are paying significantly more for everyday goods now than they were even a few months ago — and they’re getting the exact same products.
For example, the price of food is up 8.8% over the last year, and increased a full 1% just in March. The price of gasoline has skyrocketed. Since last year, the average price of a gallon of gas increased 48% year-over-year, and 18.3% from February to March.
In expanding on his thoughts, Manchin said:
“Let me be clear, inflation is a tax, and today’s historic inflation data tells another chilling story about how these taxes on Americans are completely out of control.”
For months now, Manchin has been pointing out how inflation causes serious hardships on everyday Americans, like those he represents in West Virginia.
In fact, Manchin even said that one of the main reasons why he chose not to support the BBB agenda that Biden tried to push through Congress using budget reconciliation was increased cost of goods.
He explained:
“Here is the truth: We cannot spend our way to a balanced, healthy economy and continue adding to our $30 trillion national debt. Getting inflation under control will require more aggressive action by a Federal Reserve that waited too long to act.
“It demands the administration and Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, support an all-the-above energy policy because that is the only way to bring down the high price of gas and energy while attacking climate change.
“The United States of America is equipped to be energy independent from Russia and other terror-sponsoring countries, while also working to fight global climate change and break our dependence on the critical mineral supply change from China.”