Joe Manchin Signals Support For Bill Blocking Vaccine Mandates

( This week the Senate is expected to vote on a resolution to nullify President Biden’s vaccine mandates on private companies. But before you get excited, even if it passes, don’t expect it to go anywhere.

All fifty Republican Senators, led by Indiana Senator Mike Braun, backed a challenge to the vaccine mandate last month under the Congressional Review Act. This act allows Congress to officially disapprove of an executive regulation by passing a resolution through both chambers.

Last week, West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin said he will join with the Republicans in supporting Braun’s resolution. Republicans believe they may also get Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to sign on as well. Sinema, who notoriously plays things close to the vest, refused to say if she would vote for the resolution during an interview on CNN last week.

Montana Republican Steve Daines has been urging his fellow Montanan Jon Tester to vote for the resolution as well.

The resolution does not require the 60-vote threshold to pass, meaning it is likely it will make it through the Senate. However, that is probably as far as the resolution will go.

Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) has introduced a companion resolution in the House that currently has 206 cosponsors. But on Friday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said it is unlikely Speaker Nancy Pelosi will even bring the resolution to the floor for a vote.

Even if by some miracle House Republicans can force a floor vote on the resolution and manage to get the Democrat votes needed for it to pass, it’s still not gonna happen.

These resolutions officially disapproving of an executive regulation can still be vetoed by the very executive the resolution is disapproving of.

Last week, press secretary Jen Psaki inexplicably claimed that the President’s vaccine mandate for private companies is on solid legal ground. This despite the courts repeatedly slapping it down. The persnickety Psaki also said that it isn’t a vaccine mandate, but a “vax or test” mandate because employees can keep their jobs if they agree to regular testing and wear masks to work every day.