Joe Manchin won’t Support Democrats’ Latest Agenda Push

( Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, reportedly informed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, on Thursday that he “unequivocally” will not back the tax or climate aspects of a Democratic economic package that the two men had been discussing for months.

Manchin allegedly rejected Schumer’s many attempts to weaken the bill’s climate-related elements. The West Virginia moderate informed the caucus leader that he could not support any items relating to energy or the environment and would not be open to considering any tax increases.

Manchin ruined Senate Democrats’ prospects to approve the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act, which was included in the new economic legislation late last year.

Manchin has consistently said that the soaring inflation rate is the fundamental cause of his inability to support further expenditure or future tax increases.

According to a Manchin spokeswoman, political headlines are insignificant to the millions of Americans trying to pay for food and petrol as inflation jumps to 9.1 percent. They said that Senator Manchin thinks it’s time for leaders to set aside political ambitions, reassess, and adapt to the economic reality the country is facing to avoid adopting actions that fuel the inflation fire.

Ron Wyden, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee (D-Ore.), said that
he won’t sugarcoat his disappointment, primarily because practically all concerns in the climate and energy sector had been handled.

He said, “This is our final chance to stop climate change’s most disastrous and expensive repercussions. We won’t be able to return in another ten years and repair the unavoidable human cost while preventing hundreds of billions, if not trillions, in economic harm.

Manchin claims he still supports legislation that would give Medicare the authority to bargain for lower prescription medication prices, but he is unwilling to back any other provisions of the expansive plan.”

On Wednesday, he said he would “ensure that I get every input on scrubbing anything humanly feasible that may be considered offensive.” “In other words, take your time and make sure we do it correctly. In the midst of the biggest inflation rate in the previous 40 years, we cannot afford to make mistakes.”