Joe Rogan Says Fox News Should Pay Tucker Carlson

( — Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan says Fox needs to pay compensation to Tucker Carlson. He said the network should have tied Carlson into a non-compete contract and paid him his usual salary. This would ensure that a competing network could not snap him up. He added that an online platform like Rumble could conceivably sign Carlson, which would be “big.”

Rogan discussed Carlson’s departure from Fox on his “Joe Rogan Experience” show with his guest David Smith, a standup comedian from New York. The pair speculated about Carlson’s exit from Fox and suggested he may be tied to a non-disclosure clause that does not permit him to discuss what happened before his shock exit.

The end of Tucker Carlson Tonight was abruptly announced on Monday, April 24th. The network provided no details except to offer a thank you to its most popular host. A formal statement said the two parties had agreed to bring the relationship to an end.

Speculation is rife, with many commentators suggesting Carlson was fired for his role in the costly Dominion defamation case that was settled for $787 million only days before. Dominion Voting Systems, whose products were used to count ballots in the 2020 Presidential election, sued the network for its coverage of President Trump’s allegations that the election was rigged.

Others hint that Fox fired Carlson because his former producer Abby Grossberg had filed a lawsuit alleging misogyny and antisemitism at the network. She also said she was ordered to lie in her deposition to lawyers during investigations related to the Dominion case.

Further speculation hints Fox fired Carlson because the network’s owner, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, dislikes his views. A few days before his departure, Carlson gave a speech to members of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank. In it, Carlson discussed the battle between good and evil and reminded Americans to pray for their country. Murdoch’s ex-fiancée said he is uncomfortable with religious and spiritual matters.

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