Joe Rogan Says Liberals Want To Label Anyone Who’s Not A Leftist “Alt-Right”

( Remember failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s obsession with calling Republicans “Alt Right,” despite the term only being applicable to white nationalists and white separatists?

Well, according to globally popular podcaster Joe Rogan, the term is now being used to describe liberals who reject woke ideology.

During a podcast that aired on Thursday with anti-Critical Race Theory academic James Lindsay, Rogan explained how the modern left has become so intolerant of people who reject their extreme ideas that anyone who disagrees with them is now labeled “alt right.”

Rogan said that many “smart people” use the pejorative “Oh, these at-right people.”

“I’m like, stop! You’re talking about people that aren’t even remotely alt right, like don’t do that,” he said.

See the exchange on Rumble below:

Lindsay made reference to liberal commentator Tim Pool who often interviews conservatives on his show. Pool has been wrongly labeled as “alt right” by many high-profile left-wing commentators. In fact, it even happened on his own ship, when Australian journalist Josh Szeps falsely accused Pool of being an “alt-right troll”.


Of course, Rogan fought back. But Szeps wouldn’t accept it.

When liberals are alt right, what does the term even mean anymore? We’re at the stage where the KKK is compared to people who would have been Democrats only 10 years ago.