John Durham Investigating If FBI Was Misled With Fabricated Evidence

( The Wall Street Journal reported on August 13 that special counsel John Durham is reportedly exploring criminal charges against some tipsters who might have provided false leads to the FBI during its RussiaGate Investigation.

Durham is investigating whether these tipsters knowingly fed the FBI false information in order to get Donald Trump. That information included the evidence-free claim of a link between the Trump Organization and the Russian Alfa Bank.


More than two years and Durham is going after tipsters.

The WSJ also reported that the long-awaited report Durham had planned to release this summer will be delayed.

Currently John Durham has been investigating the origins of the RussiaGate scandal for longer than Robert Mueller investigated the baloney claim that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

So far only one person was charged – an FBI lawyer named Kevin Clinesmith whose plea deal included zero jail time.

And now it looks as if the only people who might face charges for this farce that completely disrupted President Trump’s time in office and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in phony “investigations” are some “tipsters.”

America’s two-tiered system of justice is all too real.

Last Thursday, over forty Senate Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding that he share an update on the status of John Durham’s probe. The Senators also asked that AG Garland ensure that Durham’s investigation is allowed to continue to its completion and his report released to the public.

Invoking transparency and the restoration of “faith in our civil liberties,” the Senators urged that Durham’s investigation be allowed to “continue unimpeded and without due limitation.”

Currently it is unknown if the Durham probe will be allowed to continue when the fiscal year concludes on September 30. The Senators asked AG Garland to permit Durham’s inquiry to continue into the next fiscal year.

In a statement last week, Senator Blackburn pointed out that after over two years of Durham’s investigation, “we still do not have answers.”

But the only “answers” John Durham is currently pursuing are “tipsters” who might have made false statements to the FBI.

The entire federal law enforcement and intelligence community coordinated to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign, and all John Durham’s got after two years is some lousy “tipsters.”

What a joke.