John Fetterman Only Agrees To Debates After Early Voting Has Already Started

John Fetterman, the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and the Democrat contender for the US Senate, is one of the most extreme Democrats in the Senate campaign.

Fetterman is competing in the 2022 US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania against Republican contender Dr. Mehmet Oz. Since his catastrophic stroke in May, Fetterman has resisted Dr. Oz’s pleas to debate.

According to reports, John Fetterman finally consented to participate in one debate with Dr. Oz.

But this will be a top-secret debate as Fetterman did not say where or when the discussion will be held. Democrat Fetterman plans to confront Dr. Oz sometime in mid to late October. If Fetterman agrees to a debate in late October, it will be far after early, and mail-in voting begins. Fetterman also told the media that his team is investigating closed captioning to ensure he doesn’t miss any words while he recovers from his stroke.

According to far-left-friendly reports, in the carefully watched Senate race in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman has committed to attending one debate with his Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz, but his campaign is still exploring adjustments for his auditory processing issues.

Fetterman explained there was always a plan to debate Dr. Oz. He was just treating some of the remaining concerns of his stroke.

According to video reports, John Fetterman has had difficulty with speech since his stroke. During his address to union steelworkers in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, Fetterman appeared to forget simple words and suffered slow, confused speech.

Clay Travis of OUTKICK.COM explained on social media that John Fetterman had trouble speaking. Travis wished Fetterman well and to be healed but noted if he couldn’t debate Dr. Oz, how could he serve in the Senate? He should resign immediately. If he does not, no Pennsylvanian should vote for him. They’re attempting to hide him and his issues. He’s not well.