John Kerry Issues Executive Warning Threat

( — John Kerry has said that climate change will be tackled in America by executive orders from the President. The former Massachusetts Senator said he is deeply concerned about the climate and stated that President Biden will issue orders on a number of related policies – particularly regarding automobiles. He also said the US must work with China, India, and Russia to tackle the issue. He added that we can brush aside our differences with these countries in order to come together to prioritize climate. He did not mention that China builds two new coal power plants per week, or that we have given billions of dollars in military aid to a country at war with Russia.

White House “climate czar” Kerry found himself in an awkward position when asked about the hypocrisy of the global elite as they travel to climate conferences by private jet. Kerry responded by saying that those who travel by private jet “offset” their carbon footprint. This means they pay money to travel, and it isn’t clear how that money “offsets” anything, but it is clear that it is only the wealthy who could afford it. “They are working harder than most people I know,” he added.

Kerry’s career recently has been centered on climate change, and he is currently the government’s representative on the issue. He has faced several accusations of hypocrisy, particularly when he flew to Iceland to collect an award for his work. He insisted it was environmentally responsible to do so. He was also criticized for allegedly flying by private jet to Martha’s Vineyard for Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party, something he denied. He also owns several homes around the country that he switches between, always using airplanes. He has homes in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Boston, Sun Valley, and Martha’s Vineyard.

He was named Joe Biden’s special climate envoy in 2020. This role comes with a seat on the national security council and he is said to work “full time” fighting for an end to fossil fuel energy production.

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