Jordan Peterson Responds To Dangerous Paper

( — Dr. Jordan Peterson, the controversial academic and commentator, has reacted furiously to scientists and fellow academics who reject the concept of merit in science. Peterson collaborated with fellow scholars to pen a paper defending the notion of merit and accusing modern education of replacing it with “politically motivated criteria.” The authors, including renowned intellectuals John McWhorter and Peter Boghossian, argue that political interference in science threatens the very fabric of free societies.

“Scientific truths are universal and independent of the personal attributes of the scientist. Science knows no ethnicity, gender, or religion,” the paper stated.

The academics have since reported that their efforts to publish the paper in scientific journals have been fruitless. One publication told them to remove the word “merit,” while another said the article was “hurtful.”

On his Twitter account, Dr. Peterson wrote, “Merit is Oppressive. Particularly to those who lack merit.”

Concerns that politics have compromised higher education have grown in recent years. A survey in 2021 found that a shocking 80% of American college students feel the need to censor their own words to avoid causing offense. Much of the blame for this fear is placed on the shoulders of “woke” college administrators.

According to polls highlighted by Newsweek in 2021, liberal administrators outnumber their conservative counterparts by 12 to 1. Furthermore, 86% of administrators across US colleges believe institutions should concern themselves with a student’s “personal values.” In fact, they consider a student’s opinions to be as important as their academic abilities.

A study carried out by Samuel J. Abrams, professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College, found that most administrators endorse Marxist theories on oppression and eschew capitalism. Abrams said that American universities, through the promotion of these concepts, are transforming students into left-wing activists. He also found that most administrators have degrees in education. He believes teacher training and education degrees are among the most menacing to free inquiry and produce graduates with remarkably similar views.

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