Jordan Peterson Reveals Bible A ‘Precondition For The Manifestation Of Truth,’ ‘Way More True Than Just True’

( On Tuesday during an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, psychologist Jordan Peterson discussed his views on the Bible after he visited the Museum of the Bible.

Peterson described culture as a fundamental structure of category that we all share. It enables us to see things the same way and gives us a bedrock of agreement. If fundamental categories dissolve, the culture is dissolving.

Rogan asked if the Bible provides structure and Peterson said that was what he figured out this week.

The Bible isn’t just a book, Peterson explained, but a collection of books – a library.

Peterson named several of history’s most notable authors and how their writing became the basis for much that came after it, adding that the Bible is the basis for all of it.

Peterson said it isn’t that the Bible is true. Instead, the Bible is the “precondition for the manifestation of truth,” when he believes makes the Bible “way more true than just true.”

The Bible, Peterson added, is a “whole different kind of true.”

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