Josh Hawley Jumps In To Endorse Politician In Key Race

( Republican J.D. Vance got another endorsement by a prominent Republican in advance of his upcoming race in the GOP primary in Ohio.

Vance, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio that will be left vacant by Senator Rob Portman, received an endorsement from Missouri Senator Josh Hawley on Tuesday. This is another big endorsement for Vance, who is a best-selling author and venture capitalist.

Hawley has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has supported claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

In his endorsement, Hawley said Vance was an advocate of many of the major issues that are most relevant to conservatives. This includes tightening restrictions on big tech businesses as well as securing the country’s borders better.

Hawley released a statement endorsing Vance that said:

“I’m proud to endorse J.D. Vance for U.S. Senate from Ohio. J.D. knows well the devastating realities that our country faces. Especially in Ohio, families gripped by addiction have the cards stacked against them and entire towns continue to plummet.

“J.D. will fight for tighter restrictions at the southern border, bring back a robust manufacturing industry and put the needs of our own American citizens first. J.D. is the only candidate out in front of the corruption in our technology industry. He will crack down on Big Tech bowing down to China, stand up for the American worker, and put our country back on the track of prosperity and opportunity.”

This is the first endorsement Hawley has given out for a political race in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

The senator from Missouri is considered a potential candidate and strong contender for president in 2024 if Trump decides not to run. This is a main reason why he’s jumping into the fray to hand out endorsements to other Republicans who align with the pro-Trump values. It’s a great way for him to boost his standing with members of the GOP in case he does run for president.

Vance rose to prominence when he wrote a 2016 memoir entitled “Hillbilly Elegy.” Not only did it quickly become a best-selling book, but it was recently adapted into a Netflix movie last year.

In addition to the endorsement he just received from Hawley, Vance has also received endorsements from Representative Jim Banks of Indiana, who chairs the Republican Study Committee, as well as a few other Cabinet officials in the Trump administration.

Vance will be running against at least three other people in the GOP primary in Ohio. The current other candidates include Bernie Moreno, a businessman from Cleveland; Jane Timken, the chairwoman of the Ohio GOP; and Josh Mandel, who has run for Senate twice before and is the former treasurer of Ohio.

Mandel currently has a lead in some polling, but Vance has been closing the gap as of late. This makes for a wide open race in the Ohio GOP primary, and endorsements like Hawley’s could boost Vance up even higher.