Journalist Wants To Change The Meaning Of Violence

( – Antifa rioters descended on Atlanta late last month, setting the city ablaze after the police-involved shooting of environmental activist, Manuel Teran, who was protesting the construction of a new police training facility. And once again, the American corporate media decided to play down the violence and destruction by trying to claim property destruction isn’t violence.

During last weekend’s rioting, CNN had on David Peisner, a freelance journalist who pals around with the Antifa radicals, writing glowing reports about their valiant efforts to burn cities to the ground.

In his appearance on “CNN Newsroom,” Peisner claimed that Antifa attacking the Atlanta Police Foundation and other downtown businesses as well as using “explosives” to set police cars ablaze wasn’t “violence.”

He claimed that using the word “violence” to describe such violent acts is “blurring the lines,” and questioned whether it is proper to use the word “violence” to describe “property destruction.”

Peisner admitted that some people might believe that property destruction is violence, but he did not. He argued that equating property destruction to “actual violence against humans” is “kind of a dangerous and slippery concept.”

He scolded CNN for continually using the word, “violent” to describe the rioting, adding that the only violent acts he saw being committed were when police officers tackled protesters. He also claimed that the destruction was only being done by a “small group” of people.

Last Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency in response to the ongoing violence in downtown Atlanta.

Kemp ordered the state’s defense department to mobilize up to one thousand Georgia National Guard troops to be called up to active duty “as necessary” to prevent further violence.

In his order, the Republican governor said the state would not “tolerate acts of violence against persons or property.”

The state of emergency will expire on February 9 unless the governor renews it.

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