Joy Reid Claims Historic Victory For Blacks – Against Herschel Walker

( – After Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock defeated Republican challenger Herschel Walker in last Tuesday’s Georgia run-off election, MSNBC’s resident racist Joy Reid claimed Georgia voters made history by electing a black man to a full six-year Senate term.

During Wednesday’s “The ReidOut,” the odious host played clips of some of Herschel Walker’s less flattering moments on the campaign trail before boasting about how historic it was that Georgia voters chose a black man.

Considering both Warnock and Walker are black, it would have been difficult for them not to elect a black man no matter who won.

Reid claimed that by rejecting Walker, Georgia and the country “averted disaster” and instead “made history” by sending Georgia’s first black man to the Senate.

She added that Georgia voters “smacked down the ignorance and cynicism” of the Republican Party’s “decision to stand by Walker.”

Reid took special delight in noting how, now that Walker lost, Republicans are free to admit he was a disaster as a candidate.

She quoted Georgia Republican Dan McLagan who told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Herschel Walker was “a plane crash into a train wreck that rolled into a dumpster fire.”

For some Republicans, however, the blame for Walker’s loss rests in part on the shoulders of former President Donald Trump who pressured the former footballer to run.

South Dakota Senator John Thune told reporters that Trump’s “obsession” with claims of election fraud in 2020 “became an albatross and a real liability” for candidates he endorsed.

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun said in a press conference on Wednesday that Walker’s loss shows that “candidate quality does count.” Braun also pointed out that Walker failed to have a solid policy plan for voters to rally behind.

Braun said if voters don’t know what candidates are for, “we are basically for nothing.

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