Joy Reid Gives Biden a Pass for Using the N-Word

( So it turns out it’s fine if white people use the N-word, but only as long as they’re a Democrat and the presidential nominee who has the best shot at taking down President Donald Trump. Far-left MSNBC News host Joy Reid recently gave Joe Biden a pass for his use of the N-word in the 1980s. Reid gave him the pass to use the vile racist slur during her primetime debut slot on Monday evening.

It was during the very first episode of The Reid Out that the left-wing anchor let Biden off the hook by not referencing it…at all. The first episode of her show included an interview with Biden, and it was exactly the kind of interview Biden liked…a soft one. There were no hard-hitting questions and Biden had every opportunity to slip in the talking points his handlers told him to, with no chance of getting into an uncomfortable spot with difficult questions.

It comes after a story about Biden using the N-word 13 times when quoting other people was published by Breitbart and shared widely by Republicans and conservatives. Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, an African American Democrat, retweeted the article and tagged Joy Reid.

“@JoyAnnReid I’ve seen @JoeBiden say the ‘N-word’ 13 times so comfortably,” he said. “Ask him on your show did practice make him perfect?”

Reid completely ignored the tweet. Though, that might not come as a surprise, given that Jones has already said that he will be voting for President Donald Trump in November.

The thirteen instances of Biden using the racist slur came during three separate hearings in 1985. There are even video clips of Biden using the word that have appeared online in recent weeks, causing great controversy among Democrats who say that you can’t even use the word when quoting other people.

Let’s not forget that Reid said in 2013 that there is never any reason for a white person to use the N-word.

Why the hypocrisy, Joy?