Juan Williams Claims “Parents Rights” Is Code For “White Race Politics”

(PatriotWise.com)- Before Tuesday’s Virginia election, Fox News host Juan Williams penned another one of his race-baiting columns at The Hill – this time accusing Virginia Republicans of taking a page out of Trump’s playbook and using racial division to get Glenn Youngkin elected governor.

How original.

Juan’s kooky conspiracy theory boils down to this: Youngkin campaigning on parents’ rights is just the latest “dog whistle” to foment racial division.

It’s code, don’t you know.

Williams believes “Parents’ Rights” is no different from the tiki-torch wielding goobers from “Unite the Right.” And he repeats the “Trump said white supremacists are very fine people” lie as a way to “prove” it.

Juan pulls out all the stops in this silly op-ed. He invokes Charlottesville, the confederate statues, the January 6 “insurrection.” He also makes the false claim that Youngkin wants to ban books in schools – including Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison!!!!!

Good grief, the drama.

Williams closes his hissy fit by asserting that if Youngkin wins, it will be proof that Republicans will use dark and divisive politics to win elections.

It’s worth reading his histrionic diatribe if for no other reason that, with the election over and Youngkin the Governor-elect, Juan Williams looks a bit like an idiot.

The reality in Virginia was markedly different from Juan Williams’ make-believe.

The ones who used race to divide were the Democrats. It was all they had other than invoking the name of Donald Trump. And they used it with wild abandon.

But if Virginia Republicans were the “white supremacists” Williams thinks they are, why is it the Republican winner for Lt. Gov. is a black woman? Why is it the Republican winner for Attorney General is a Hispanic man?

Cries of racism didn’t work.

But even now, with the election over, the race-baiters in the media keep doubling down.

The odious Jamele Hill from The Atlantic tweeted Tuesday night that the message from Virginia is that the country “simply loves white supremacy.”

Again, Virginia voters elected Republican Winsome Sears. She is the first black woman to win statewide office in Virginia. But Jamele Hill thinks the lesson is white supremacy.

These people aren’t to be taken seriously.