Juan Williams Gets Served With Brutal Evidence

(PatriotWise.com) – Two weeks ago, Fox News liberal contributor Juan Williams claimed that the only scandal to come from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop was his drug addiction and pornographic pictures.

During the December 18 broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” host Shannon Bream brought up a poll that found 72 percent of respondents think the Department of Justice should investigate Hunter’s foreign business deals.

Turning to Juan Williams, Bream asked him to give her “the counter to that,” noting if there is nothing to the laptop, “why not have the investigation that could potentially clear him?”

Williams argued that Hunter is already being investigated. He said why did the poll ask about it when the US Attorney in Delaware is “looking into whether or not Hunter Biden was wrong in the way he filed taxes, the way he handled the gun apparently.”

Bream interjected that 72 percent of respondents “are for that,” prompting Williams to argue that since it is already happening “under the Biden administration,” he doesn’t understand why the poll would ask that.

He said if Hunter is “guilty of anything” it’s that he used his family name “for connections,” which, according to Williams, isn’t illegal. Williams added that the family members of “many” other presidents have done the same thing.

Williams argued that the only thing Hunter Biden is guilty of is “being an addict who was showing sort of pornographic images of himself.”

He dismissed the idea that Hunter acted as the “bag man” for his family, arguing that the Godfather would never pick Fredo as his bag man.

Vince Conglianese jumped in, telling Williams that the evidence against Hunter Biden “is immense.” He said it isn’t just his drug addiction or the pornographic pictures. While he admitted that the pictures could be used for blackmail, Coglianese said the bigger issue is the dirty deals.

He brought up Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, whom he said went “on the record” that Joe Biden “was the financial beneficiary of this arrangement.

He noted that neither Hunter nor the White House has ever denied Bobulinski’s accusations.

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