Juan Williams Thinks Hillary Can “Save” Democrats In 2024

(PatriotWise.com)- Democrat pundit Juan Williams added his voice to the growing chorus of pundits urging Hillary Clinton to come out of retirement and once again badger the American people.

In an inadvertently hilarious column at The Hill, Williams argued that the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v. Wade means the Democrats need to have a “strong voice” in the midterms that would “fight to restore women’s rights.”

And Juan believes that “strong voice” belongs to Hillary Clinton.

Stop laughing!

Juan believes that the Democrat Party’s secret weapon heading into this fall’s midterm is the bitter, angry, resentful woman who still believes Donald Trump stole the election from her six years ago.

Williams then gushes over Hillary’s hyperbolic and over-the-top responses to last Friday’s Supreme Court decision, saying Clinton “knows how to deal with the far right’s bullying.”

Okay, run with that, Juan. Please.

Juan believes that Hillary could be the powerful voice Democrats need right now because she is the one who beat Donald Trump in 2016 by winning the non-existent national popular vote.

That right there is why nobody should take Juan Williams seriously as a political pundit. There is no national popular vote. It doesn’t exist. So “winning” the “popular vote” is meaningless.

Juan believes (and let’s let him believe it) that Hillary Clinton is the right person to give Democrats a steel spine heading into November. He believes Hillary can “roar her message” to the suburban wine moms whom he thinks will be the ones to decide the midterms.

And on and on he goes.

Finally, Juan encourages Hillary to keep talking louder.

Yes, please, Hillary, take Juan’s advice.

As Rush Limbaugh famously pointed out on many occasions, Hillary’s unpopularity grows the more we see of her. So please, Hillary, do what Juan says and keep talking louder.