Judge Jeanine Tells Government To Leave Oil Companies Alone On Air

(PatriotWise.com)- Judge Jeanine Pirro had a big argument with token liberal Fox News host Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday. Pirro defended oil companies after Rivera attempted to alleviate the blame of rising gas prices from President Joe Biden and instead point the finger at “profiteering” from the oil companies.

Americans are still angry about the price of gas at the pump, with prices now more than double what they were during the Trump administration. And instead of recognizing President Joe Biden’s policies as a catalyst for rising prices, Rivera thought the problem is the oil companies./

Rivera agreed with co-host Sandra Smith, who said that oil companies should be tapping more U.S. oil wells, despite the fact that President Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that the United States should not increase production.

Rivera said that the White House should appeal to the biggest oil producers in the world to “go out there and drill” – something that Republicans have been saying for years.

Pirro cut Rivera off, and asked, “Is this capitalism?”

“Is this a capitalist society? Leave them alone, unless they are profiteering, leave them alone.”

Rivera hit back, “They are profiteering.”

Pirro snapped at Rivera and told him to tell that to the Department of Justice, and prove it. If it’s true, then action can be taken.

Rivera seemed to be confused. The oil companies aren’t profiteering – they’re just unable to create new wells on federal land in the United States. That’s why President Joe Biden is looking to Venezuela to replace the oil the United States will lose as a result of the recent energy sanctions placed On Russia.

Do Democrats really think that the oil companies don’t want to drill more oil?