Judge Napolitano Says Trump Will Be Indicted

In an interview on Newsmax last week, former judge Andrew Napolitano predicted that the Justice Department will likely indict former President Donald Trump in the coming months. 

While appearing on Eric Bolling’s show “The Balance” last Wednesday on Newsmax, Judge Napolitano said he just does not see a scenario in which the DOJ doesn’t indict Trump. 

Bolling brought up a column Napolitano wrote for the Washington Times that day and asked why the judge believes that Trump will be indicted.  

Judge Napolitano explained that the DOJ would not have raided Mar-a-Lago unless it anticipated indicting him. He said he didn’t believe the government would’ve gone to such lengths unless it already planned to bring an indictment. 

While he admitted that it “pains” him to say so because he doesn’t believe Trump should be indicted, he added that the people calling the shots “have already made up their minds.” He predicted the DOJ would present its case to a grand jury after the November elections.  

When Bolling interjected that he hoped the judge was wrong, Napolitano said he too hoped he was wrong.  

Watch the interview HERE.