Judge Orders Woman To Hand Over Inappropriate Pictures To Ex-Husband

A Utah woman who was ordered to turn over to her ex-husband intimate photos of herself, provided they are first censored, is not especially happy about it.

Last year, Lindsay Marsh filed for divorce from her husband Christopher after 25 years of marriage. While most of their assets were amicably divided, the couple were at odds over which of them was entitled to an album of “boudoir” photos with accompanying inscriptions Lindsay had given to Christopher early on in their marriage.

In July, Judge Michael Edwards ordered that the photos go to Christopher with a few conditions.

According to recently released court documents, Judge Edwards ordered the photos first go back to the photographer who shot them so she could obscure the nudity in the pictures in a way that keeps the inscriptions visible. Once that is completed, the photos should be returned to the ex-husband since the photo book was a gift to him.

In a recent interview with KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, Lindsay Marsh described the judge’s order as “violating” and accused her ex-husband of “forcing” her “to distribute basically porn.”

She posed for the pictures, paid to have them put into a book, and gave them to her husband as a gift.

What part of that is “forcing” her?

Christopher Marsh told Insider that the more important part of the photo book was the inscriptions Lindsay had written and not the pictures themselves. “They were the loving moments,” he said.

But when Lindsay Marsh asked the original photographer to censor the photos, the photographer refused, claiming it would damage her business.

So in August, the judge ordered a third party to do the editing instead, something Lindsay Marsh is none too happy about. Marsh told the Salt Lake City Tribune that now a stranger whom she doesn’t know is going to have pictures of her nude body “without my consent.”

Finally, the original photographer agreed to do the editing ordered by the judge.

The lesson here is never, ever pose for nude pictures.