Judge Says Richmond Robert E. Lee Statue Will REMAIN For 90 More Days

(FreedomJournal.org)- On Monday, a judge issued an injunction that stopped the removal of a famous statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. It follows weeks of bitter debates between residents and far-left ideologues, including the Democratic Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam.

The Associated Press reports how Richmond Circuit Court Judge W. Reilly Marchant dismissed a lawsuit filed by the great-grandson of a signatory of the statue’s deed when ownership was transferred to the state in 1890. Despite dismissing the suit, however, the judge stopped the statue from being removed by the state government for at least the next three months.

“Plaintiff William C. Gregory, the great-grandson of land donors, had argued the state agreed to ‘faithfully guard’ and ‘affectionately protect’ the statue on historic Monument Avenue that is among the most prominent Confederate tributes in the U.S.,” the Associated Press reports.

The judge’s order explained how the “Defendants and their agents and assigns are hereby ENJOINED from removing, altering, or dismantling, in any way, the Robert E. Lee Monument and Pedestal from its current location on Monument Avenue in the City of Richmond.”

The fact that this statue lies on Monument Avenue has been a point of contention for local residents. The avenue is named after the monument and the area is known for the statue and its long history.

The order says that the injunction will “remain in effect for ninety days or for such period as may be set by further Order of this Court.”

One lawsuit from people who own property close to the statue also argues that the removal of the statue would impact the price of houses in the local area, and even cause the region to lose its designation as a National Historic Landmark region. It would potentially even mean the area loses its “favorable tax treatment.”

The fight to remove the statue will be bitter, as it is the final remaining statue of a Confederate in the Richmond area. The Democrats want it gone as it will mean their campaign to erase American history will be won.