Justice Breyer Says Supreme Court Is Fallible But Good For The Country

(PatriotWise.com)- Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, the oldest member of the court who has faced intense pressure from liberals in recent months to resign and let President Joe Biden choose his successor, appears to be kowtowing to the mob just a little bit.

Though he has not committed to resigning so that President Joe Biden can appoint a trans, Black, left-wing justice in his place, he did suggest during an interview with CNN that he sees the Supreme Court as “fallible.”

And while few would say that the Supreme Court never makes mistakes, the language he uses is extremely helpful to liberals who are trying to make a case for packing the court with an untold number of new judges or reform the thing entirely.

“It’s an institution that’s fallible, though over time it has served this country pretty well,” Breyer explained. “As Mother used to say: every race, every religion, every point of view possible is held by people in this country. And it’s helped them to live together.”

Well, at least he’s saying the Supreme Court is good for the country. It would be helpful, however, if he admitted that the Supreme Court in its current form is good for the country.

That’s precisely what liberal hero Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did.

The 83-year-old justice has said that he does not intend to die on the court, but has not said that he will retire before the end of President Joe Biden’s term. As it stands, he is one of just three liberal-leaning judges on the bench.

Democrats argue that this is reason to overhaul the system entirely, even though we all know they wouldn’t be saying that if there were 6 hard-left judges on the panel and 3 conservatives.

Well, we say “conservatives.” The truth is that Republican-appointed judges tend to just do what is required of them, which is to interpret the law as it was written and not to impose an ideological agenda.

Let’s hope that Justice Breyer sticks around long enough for a Republican president to replace Joe Biden first…