Justice Clarence Thomas is Another Target Of The Radical Left

(PatriotWise.com)- Last Wednesday, Mark Paoletta, the former general counsel to the Office of Management and Budget during the Trump administration, testified during a hearing for the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property in which he accused Democrats of launching politically and racially-motivated attacks against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Naturally, the Democrats pretended not to know what Paoletta was talking about. Like during this eye-opening exchange:

On Friday, Paoletta appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow to discuss the hearing and outline how the Democrats have been trying to force Justice Thomas to recuse himself over his wife Ginni’s conservative activism.

Democrats have long attacked Justice Thomas over his wife’s political activism. But these attacks revved up again after the January 6 select committee dragged Ginni Thomas into its “investigation.”

Paoletta described Wednesday’s hearing as part of a “multi-year attack” on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court because it now “has a working majority of conservative justices.”

He told Marlow that the left is worried that a conservative majority Court will “sweep away” some of the left’s landmark rulings now that the left no longer controls the Court.

But Paoletta said Americans shouldn’t worry about the Democrats’ plot to discredit Clarence Thomas because “there’s no merit to it.” He said Justice Thomas has never had to recuse himself based on the current ethical standards of recusal. He added that the Justice and his wife are “two separate people” with their own careers and opinions, and Ginni can continue “being active in the public square.”

Paoletta also pointed out that performative politics like those Democrats deploy against Justice Thomas aren’t particularly popular with most Americans, especially at a time when Americans are struggling to deal with the chaos unleashed by the Biden administration.

Listen to Mark Paoletta’s interview on Breitbart News Daily HERE.