Justice Roberts Praises Work Of Federal Courts During COVID Crisis

(PatriotWise.com)- Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts praised the nation’s courts in the annual end of year report published by the nation’s highest court, specifically referencing the way judges handled the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

It’s hard to fathom praise for judges when dozens of suits relating to election fraud and integrity have been thrown out on procedural grounds, but there you go…

In the report, Roberts discussed how the United States Supreme Court asked employees to begin working remotely in March and that most filings and opinions were published exclusively online. He also described how in May, the Supreme Court held oral arguments over video conference for the first time ever, and that this system is expected to remain in place at least until the end of January 2021.

Roberts explained how other appellate courts all over the country have “responded with similar considered flexibility.”

Trial courts have also worked to maintain important functions using health guidance, and while many hearings were made virtual using teleconferencing software, some Courtrooms have also changed how they work in-person to ensure those in attendance were at a lower risk of contracting COVID-19.

“All this is a credit to judges and court staff, but also to the citizens who serve as jurors,” he said. “Judges from around the country report that, where jury trials have resumed, responses to jury summonses have met or exceeded their high hopes for the public’s willingness to participate in the legal system during these very challenging times,” he added.

Roberts called those who helped the judicial branch throughout the government “unsung heroes,” and commended the employees who “contended with illness and loss” throughout 2020

While Roberts was appointed by Republican President George. W. Bush 15 years ago, he has been the focus of much conservative criticism during the Trump administration after siding with Democrats on several key votes. In October, Roberts even sided with leftists on the issue of mail-in voting, voting in favor of allowing the state of Pennsylvania to count ballots up to three days after Election Day – an issue that ultimately helped Pennsylvania election officials count ballots without proper verification and scrutiny.